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District of Style celebrates the Capital’s monumental influence on fashion & lifestyle, shines a spotlight on DC’s most inspiring people, covers the most anticipated events, and helps young philanthropists navigate the scenery by providing an inside guide to local charity organizations.

I believe that one’s style is putting your own personal signature on the things that you wear, the things that you do, and the way that you live. The next generation of change makers has arrived to leave its mark on the district. Giving is the New Black, and we’re redefining the concept of personal style to include a passion for Social Good. 

Browse our features to discover a cause that is right for you based on your own personal interests and talents. For additional information on a particular charity, please send us an email at info@districtofstyle. We’d be happy to discuss their mission with you, answer questions, and put you in contact with the organization. 


“Young professionals have a voice. Never underestimate the power of philanthropy to make an impact on people’s lives. I also believe in having fabulous personal style, and giving never goes out of style. Use your social and professional connections to become the next generation of philanthropists and establish yourselves as remarkable examples of passion and persistence.”

Bienvenue à le capital of the free world. Stay eternally chic & kind.

Site Founder,

Rachel Hallinan



About Rachel

In addition to her blog, Rachel is very active in raising awareness for philanthropic causes and is a strong advocate for local charities in Washington, D.C. Her interests include reading history books, writing about her social exploits in the District, volunteering with children and veterans, and wearing ball gowns. She loves pearls, champagne, timeless style, and a worthwhile cause.

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