Style Must-Haves: The Chelsea Collective’s Chic FitBit Bracelet

Earlier this month, I attended the launch of Rihanna’s new Puma Fenty Sneaker at The Chelsea Collective in Tysons Corner. Although I was there to celebrate this new urban chic footwear staple, my attention was immediately drawn to The Chelsea Collective’s new line of FitBit Jewelery & Accessories.

Spring has sprung, and bathing suit season is right around the corner. I am newly determined to reach my fitness goals, resolving to wear my FitBit and start tracking my progress. I am nothing if not well-intentioned. Unfortunately, I dislike wearing a lame rubber band on my wrist all day. Especially if a situation calls for a stylish or formal look. Rubber bracelets and Elizabeth St. John gowns simply do not go. Just because I hit 10,000 steps doesn’t mean I have to look like a dork doing it.

Always grappling with this FitBit faux pax conundrum, I was beyond thrilled to discover this line of sleek & stylish accessories. Owners of the FitBit Flex can simply drop their chip in the clasp of a bracelet, and look effortlessly chic while in pursuit of their health goals. Though it retails for $70, the overall look of being both fit & fabulous is priceless. If you are a fit fashionista, don’t wait another day to stop into The Chelsea Collective for this must-have accessory! For more information, visit

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Named for the unique and eclectic Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan, Chelsea Collective is a women’s specialty retail fitness boutique offering a uniquely curated, multi-brand assortment of the latest apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty product trends. Fusing fashion and fitness in a way no other retailer has before, Chelsea Collective provides a community for women on their own personal fitness journeys.



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