Launch of A DC Power Lunch: STK Brings Patio Dining To Dupont, Debuts Summer Lunch Menu

This May, STK DC unveiled it’s new outdoor dining space to Dupont with the launch of it’s new patio, where guests can now enjoy the very best of DC People Watching from their tables on the terrace.

The launch also celebrated the debut of a new summer lunch menu by Executive Chef Mark Hennessy. I like when restaurants deviate from their regular menu for a season and create new dishes with the potential to become new favorites. With an afternoon reservation confirmed, I rallied my favorite lunch bunch to find out what was special for summer.

As is customary, we started with cocktails. My liquid lunch du jour was one I’ve had before, the strawberry cobbler (belvedere, fresh muddled strawberry, graham cracker crust) It’s what delight tastes like when it is shaken and stirred. One simply does not order the strawberry cobbler one time. Once you’ve tried it, you will begin asking for this cocktail with every visit.

Our power lunch began with appetizers. We ordered the tuna tartar and crispy rock shrimp. The tuna tartar (avocado, soy mustard emulsion, taro chips) was a big hit and went very quickly. Both the tuna and avocado were extremely fresh. It had a nice presentation and was a surprisingly generous portion. Usually tuna tartar is a small plate that consists of a few bites. The only drawback being that there weren’t enough chips to finish the whole plate. On the flip side, eating it with a spoon was really no problem at all. Happy to do it. The second appetizer was STK’s newest menu addition, the crispy rock shrimp (buttermilk old bay, green chile aioli). It was flavorful shrimp, fried crispy but light. It was almost a tempura texture, which I really liked. I can understand why it’s become a favorite and will move to the main menu.

We ordered a few entree options to share. Our choices included the STK salad, the wagyu burger, and the lobster Cobb salad. The steak on the STK salad (marinated skirt, Napa cabbage, carrot ginger vinaigrette) was expertly grilled and therefore not tough, so it was perfect for cutting on a salad. The light dressing complimented the marinade, and the sesame seeds and small chopped peanuts gave the salad a nice texture. The wagyu burger (morbier cru, marinated tomato & onion, special sauce) was absolutely delicious. Again, the meat was prepared to perfection and was so fresh that it practically came apart on each bite. The decadent draping of molten cheese and seasonings used were an excellent compliment to the overall taste. Finally, the ‘ladies who lunch’ fan favorite was the lobster Cobb salad (butter lettuce, asiago, deviled quail eggs, buttermilk dressing) With deviled quail eggs and buttermilk dressing, it was a special take on a summer classic. STK successfully made a staple unique, and there’s no question why we came to this decision unanimously.

Just as I thought our power lunch had reached it’s final conclusion, STK’s popular birthday cake dessert made it’s way towards me alit with sparklers. Someone has tipped off the staff that it was my ‘special day’. It was a great meal with great friends and a lot of laughs. When I blew out my candles, I was certain that there was no better way to spend an afternoon.

Happy birthday to me. An STK classic.

Happy birthday to me. An STK classic.

1250 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296.1880


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